I originally planned on doing the "message in a bottle" type invite since I was doing a pirate theme, but since I scrapped that theme, I needed something different.  So I struggled and lost sleep over it once it was October 1st and I still hadn't even started on them yet.  This is what I ended up with.

I was in Wal Mart and had been eyeballing these little skeleton garlands for a while there and at other stores, so I finally caved in and bought them.  I figured they'd be perfect.  Of course, I had no idea how to tie them in to my invite.  So I posted to the Halloween-L and as always, they came through for me.  The other Deanna, Witchypoo, suggested little nooses for them.  So I ran with it.
I started by printing out my invites after 2 grueling days of trying to come up with something witty so write.  I ended up using last year's insert to give me a base to work with.  I reworded it all into funnier stuff. (see below)  I ripped the edges off the pages to give them a more "rustic" look.  I then employed my dear family, and we started crumpling them all up into balls.  We smoothed them back out, and I brewed up some tea and soaked them for about 15 minutes or so in batches of about 10.  Once they were all dry, I gave each one a coat of polyurethane, just because I like the way the paper feels after that.  :D

The 8th Annual Hallowe’en Costume Party



Deanna and Andy Griffith

and the Look Children of the Corn


Orange Park 32003


October 27, 2007 

Door will be unchained at 7 PM and the party goes on until the last zombie leaves.

Adult zombies, as always, please make sure you are in costume or else you will be turned into a bunny or kitten or something equally disgusting and embarrassing.  It’s a costume party, so be someone or something other than yourself and have some wicked fun!

CHILDREN and TEEN Demon Spawn

are welcome at the party this year …However ….

If your little ghoul or boil gets scared easily, you may want to think twice about bringing him or her as the Ghostess decorates heavily for this spooktacular and creepy occasion inside and out and does not believe in “cute” for Hallowe’en.  The occasional screaming will occur.

 There will be plenty of finger food and rancid cuisine, but if you have a special gruesome dish you’d like to bring or a favorite beverage, please do so.  In addition, there will be sodas, juices, and bottled water for everyone, plus some beer and wine available for the over 21 corpses.  Please make sure you have a designated hearse operator if you are enjoying the “spirits”.

Non-Pace Island ghosts:  Please RSVP and let the Ghostess know if you will be attending so she can make sure you are on the gatekeeper’s list.

Pace Island ghosts:  There is no need to RSVP, just crawl or float on down.  Just remember, we haunt the Dead End and parking is limited, so if you don’t have to drive, leave the hearse at home.

Extra ghosts are always welcome, just make sure you call them into the gate if they are not Pace Island resident poltergeists or let us know their names so we can add them to the gatekeeper’s list.

For questions or to RSVP, the BEST way is to conjure us by Ouija, however you can just email Deanna at


Or you can call at yadda-yadda.

Happy Hallowe’en!

When the polyurethane was all dry, I took a hole puncher and punched 2 holes in the top left corner, kind of diagonally.
Then I cut a piece of twine about 6-8 inches long.  I tied one end into a little noose that can slide to tighten.
And I tied the other end to the paper through the 2 holes I cut out earlier.
I separated all of the skeletons from the twine garland.
Adorable, ain't he?
Slipped his little neck though the noose and pulled it tight.
I rolled the little fella up in the paper.  I just positioned him across the top of the invite, and then rolled it on up.
Then I tied them off with another section of twine.  I thought I was done.  Oh no... nuh-uh...  it was too plain looking.
I decided to make little tags for them too.  I printed out The Dead End 2007 using a label template and cut them all out, making sure to leave extra space on the left sides.
In the extra space I left, I punched holes.
I tea-stained them, then polyurethaned them.

I didn't like the boring rectangleness of them, so I rounded the edges with scissors.

My darling son helped me untie each invite and add the tags, then retie them all.
Altogether, there will be 75 of them.  More than half will be hand delivered and the rest will be mailed.  It cost $1.13 to mail one to Alabama, and I'm not sure what it will be yet to mail locally.   I just know it's less money to mail them than to use up gas with the prices these days and with as big an area that Jacksonville and the surrounding areas are.
To mail them, I'm using standard 6"X9" manila envelopes.  I made my own return address labels and will print up labels with the addressee's info.  I also made some little labels that say "FRAGILE, please do not crush" to put on them so they don't get squished.  (Hopefully anyway)  I think they were around 1.30 to mail.

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