The invites for 2008 are really simple compared to previous years.  It was already October, and I was running out of time to find an idea- then I remembered these skulls from the Dollar Tree, so I ran with this.


I started off making tags for the invites.  This is just something I've been doing every year for a couple of years now because I like to.  They're basically the same as last year, only this time I burned the edges.  For a short clip on how I did this fairly quickly and without burning the paper too much, see below.

Then I tea stained them.

I printed out a bunch of copies of the main invite that I came up with.  Just standard info on it this year, nothing fancy.   I made sure to leave room between the title and the body of the wording so the skull would fit.  Like last year, I ripped the edges off and crumpled them.  Then I tea stained them.

I bought these little blow-molded skulls from the Dollar Tree.  There are 9 to a bag.

I cut them in half with a utility knife.  The ones I had to mail, I cut even more of the back off so they'd weigh less.

Then I hot-glued them on to the dried invitation.


Once I got them all glued on, I took them outside and put a coat of wood lacquer on the whole page to make it a bit sturdier and give it a little but of a nice finish.  I also lacquered the tags.

When they were all dried and ready to be finished, I used the hole-punch to make holes in each tag.  I rolled up the main invite and tied it off with some twine, adding a tag to each one before finishing the tying.  The ones that were mailed cost me 1.17 each for postage.  They are non-machinable which is part of the high cost.  I mailed out 26 of them this year (3 of them just as keepsakes for people who can't come).   I decided to forgo the people who haven't shown up in the past 3 years, so that knocked a few off the invite mailing list.  The rest of them were hand-delivered to neighbors by my two daughters, with a couple of them hand-delivered by me to some friends and co-workers.

That's pretty much it, kinda boring this year, but not the plain jane printed out black and white paper I was gonna go with just to get it done.


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