I didn't take any pics (or I just can't find them like last time). I do have two shots of them in progress.

As in previous years, I started with my basic wording and layout for the main invitation. After printing the desired amount of copies, I divided the individual mini pages with a straightedge and a pencil and cut them down into 4 sections. I burned the smooth edges off of the paper, giving it that old battered look, then I crumpled them all into balls and threw them in a basket for later. I boiled up a batch of tea and poured it into a flat lasagna pan. , then I uncrumpled each page carefully and then placed them into the hot tea, making sure they were fully submerged. This takes several runs of tea, so I probably went through a whole box of cheap family size tea bags.

Once my 10 minutes were up, I carefully removed each page from the tea, trying not to rip any of them, and laid them all out on a bunch of old towels I had spread over most of the flat surfaces in my house.

Pictured below is not the invitation (obviously), but just a shot of how I do the tea-staining.

Below is the drying process. Again, not the invites for this year, but just showing the process.... laying the wet paper flat on some old towels. The paper keeps the lines where it was crumpled, and the tea sits more in those lines so each one is different.

The rest is done just like for 2009's invitations. Here are the inside finished pages:



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