This year, since we didn't have the big party, I decided to focus on fixing and rebuilding the props and other outside display components. Unfortunately, my motivation ebbed and flowed like the surf on the beach, so we didn't really get any serious work done until the 5 days prior to Halloween. We didn't even start setting up the fence until almost dusk the evening before Halloween. I've never cut it that close before. Finally at 5 PM Halloween night, I stopped working on the display and prepared for the ToTs. I've included some set up and build photos on this page, just for kicks. Emily and Tom helped me make this happen, and they did an excellent job.
Bird girl was in need of serious repairs. Being 11 years old and kept outside at all times really took its toll on her. So did the birds and squirrels. I filled in her gaping hole in her chest, reattached her head and gave her a coat of papier mache clay all over. I had to do a rush job on Halloween day for the paint, so she's not the color I want her to be. She also still needs new bowls as I can't find hers. Another project to finish right before 2017's season.
Daisy, Bucky and Eddie all need repairs as well. I didn't have time to mess with them, but I threw them out there as filler for some dark empty spots in the walk way. Eddie kept kids from walking through my power cords between the FCG and the house.
Sunday morning, I only had Peter's unfinished self out there. Sunday evening, we had the fence and some tombstones up. Monday afternoon, we got eveything else important out there.
Emily and I even painted the backs of the tombstones to show aging. The corner with my tombstone is where I stood to scare kids on Halloween night. Pretty effective, no one noticed me standing there because of the bush and tree blocking me until they were returning from getting their candy.
I only made 3 new tombstones this year. I actually started them last year, and never finished them.
I was only going to repair broken fence wooden sections, but Tom decided we should completely replace all the wood. So he took apart the old fence sections, drilled all the new holes in the wood strips and we assembled them together. Emily and Kenny painted the fence while we worked on assembly. The new fence looks fabulous! I do need to get new post toppers though, mine have taken a beating over the past 12 years. I also need to make new columns and an arch since mine are so badly damaged.
Peter was left outside for a whole year, and his head is still in perfect shaped, despite being papier mache. His body, on the other hand.... I never had good luck with that part. PVC is just not strong enough to support the weight. Tom suggested I suspend him in a tree, so we hoisted him up there and I worked on him from there. I had to replace one of his hands since I ran over it with a lawn mower. Pool noodles make good fingers. I used some mache clay to coat his hands and Emily gave his body a new coat of paint.
Helena will get a new home next year, and hopefully my Blucky army will get some work done on them. Lots of damage there, and they're getting up there in age.
The Wailing tree got some work done and a new paint job, but he took a few falls and needs some new patching. I wasn't happy with the rushed paint job either, so that'll need to be addressed in the coming year.


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