No-Halloween 2019


2019 was a depressing year for me. i just didn't have the spirit. I started a new job, so I was still in the probationary period and had no PTO, plus I couldn't get the day off for Halloween, nor any Saturdays yet, and we worked Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 12-hour shifts 6AM-6PM.... So I was working on Halloween and didn't even get home until almost 7PM. I had no display at all, no costume, nothing. I stopped by the store on my way home that evening and bought candy, and I sat outside by myself and gave out candy. Many disappointed faces from those who bothered to come all the way down to our cul-de-sac. Several parents had to ask if the Halloween Lady had moved! I explained that I had to take the year off due to work, next year will be the best yet... blah blah.

My son and his room mate had a small party, though, and Tom and I went to that. Tom left and I stayed, and ended up with a massive hangover the next day and had to leave work after an hour of being there. Oh well, I had fun! Here are the very few pictures I took.


Taylor had 2 costumes. *shrug*



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