The year of the Covid. And the election.

(Both equally sickening in my opinion)


This year, since I know we won't have a ton of ToTs, I bought 2 packages of full-sized candy bars. I gave out a little over half of them to the bigger kids, and saved the small fun sized candies for the little kids. We had a lot of candy left over, but I bought a lot on purpose because we like candy too. We had around 50 kids stop by, which is good, considering we live on the dead end of a culdesac, and mostof our kids are repeats from years before that come to see what we've done every year. Smaller crowd, but not a bad year considering.
My next-door neighbors are great, but they have a flood light on their driveway which washes out my colored lighting a bit, in addition to the street lamp.

My friend Elizabeth was down from NC and helped me set everything up, and I am forever grateful for her! I had to work a full shift on Halloween, so I didn't get off until 2:30 pm, and had to stop by the store also, so didn't get home until almost 4pm. We managed to get everything that I really wanted to get done out there and into costume. Then we chilled out in the driveway with some brews and waited for the kids.

The rest of the pics are just random shots and different angles. Goliath wasn't finished, but we got him out there and put a green spot on him. Bird Girl also wasn't finished, but since she was white, she got a red spot and looked really good.

I picked up a few LED spot lights, and I think they SUCK when it comes to saturated color. They almost look white. I really miss regular incandescent lights.