I decided to try my hand at casting a Bucky Skull. I went to several sites and used a mix of techniques. The two sites I liked the most were




I wrapped my Bucky Skull in tin foil, making sure it was smooth and the least amount of under cuts possible. Then I mixed a cup of cornstarch and a cup of water, then added 2 cups of Elmer's All Purpose Glue and stirred it well. I used a 1 inch wide paintbrush to slather on the glue mixture and then applied toilet paper to the skull in layers. I did 3 layers, then let it dry. When it was dry, I used my Xacto knife and cut along the sides of the jawline and around the top of the skull to remove the shell. When I got it cut off, I then taped the skull back together with some plain old scotch tape and then applied more mache mixture over it to hold it together. I had a bit of repairing to do because it didn't want to go back together right, but eventually it looked almost as good as it did when it was actually ON the skull base. After I finished putting it back together and covered the whole thing with another coat of mache, I started with the latex to weather proof it. I plan on corpsing this skull replica, so I just used some tinted latex I had around.



While I was waiting for the skull to dry during the various stages of mache... I decided to make a paper mache cast of a wig head. I used the same technique as the skull. I've done several with newspaper and phonebook pages too for using as bases for other projects.  When it was done and I removed it from the wig head, I started working on building up the features some. This one is going to be a witch head for this year's coven. "Blair" needs some sisters!

 I tried Vlad's Skull casting and molding as well, and it turned out fabulous!  I ended up with a perfect skull with the details of the original and everything.

 Unfortunately, Vlad's how-to is missing! 

DeadSpider has a technique on her website that is somewhat similar except she uses Dragon Skin instead of casting latex and foam instead of papier mache.



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