A little peek into my world...

First of all, for those who ask why I do what I do...

For as long as I can remember, I have loved and been fascinated by Halloween. When I was a child, I recall going to my Grandmother's neighborhood to trick-or-treat and celebrate my sister's birthday, which fell on Halloween. Some of my favorite houses were the ones who, every year, put out displays of cemeteries and witches, dressed up to respond to the phrase "TRICK-OR-TREAT!", and played soundtracks with scary stories or haunted sounds. The candy was the best part to most kids, but to me, the very best part was seeing what everyone had to offer in the way of decorating, and what costumes were worn.  It was then my favorite holiday, even more so than Christmas was. As I got older, my love for Halloween only grew; when for many of the kids I grew up with, it faded.

Now that I am an adult, with my own home to haunt, I have taken Halloween decorating to what some people call extreme. For the past few years, my love for a holiday has grown into an obsession of sorts. Starting off many years back with just a stuffed shirt and pair of jeans in the yard and a looping tape of haunted house sounds, I have built, bought, created and conjured up enough of a Halloween collection to completely transform my entire house into a creepy and haunted dwelling. Every year, it grows larger and larger.

In 1999, I did a search on the internet for "Halloween". That search led me to the Halloween-L. I quickly subscribed and soon found a whole online community of like-minded spirits to inspire me, to bounce ideas off of, and to answer any questions I might have. They have truly been the greatest help of all and like a second family to me, and it is certainly wonderful to know that there are so many other people out there with the same passion for the greatest holiday on the calendar. Later, I also joined the Howl2000 list, and the CreepCrafters group, and in 2006 started my own Florida Home Haunters Group. In early 2007, I took over the Florida Haunters website and forum, which Facebook finally succeding in killing. The most awesome site to find new ideas and how-to's on the web are Mark Butler's site, Monster List Of Links to Halloween Do-It-Yourself Projects (halloweenmonsterlist.info).


I live in Fleming Island, Florida, just outside of Jacksonville where I was born and raised.  I have three great grown kids: Brandon, Taylor and Emily; six cats, Chaplin, Ramen, Fenrir, Charlie, Ash and Mazikeen, and two dogs, Mabel and Romanov. The rest of the family is not as involved in the Halloween spirit as I am, but they help out often in the months leading up to it.   My kids are all artistic and creative, and I'm very proud of them.  I'm into natural, abstract and dark art and most my creations are a mixed media form.  I have no formal training other than high school art classes, and I just do what comes naturally in most cases and am almost always never satisfied with any of my work.

  I'm pretty shy and quiet, despite my outward countenance in public, and prefer solitude on most occasions.  I've had people assume that I am a Wiccan or a Satanist because of my hobby, but I am neither and hold no religion.  Being a Gemini, I'm like a two-sided coin on almost every level.  I'm not a "Goth" though some people think I am, nor do I fall into any other stereotypes.  I'm pretty eclectic in almost every area of my life and most people that know me think I'm just plain weird - and that's okay with me.  It's the normal people that you have to watch out for! 

Other than working on Halloween stuff, I enjoy reading, jogging, beachcombing, camping, dabbling in photography, doing house projects, working in the yard and creating things for my other website.

That's me in a big nutshell...

Happy Haunting!

Ghostess Deanna


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