Many  people have asked me how I make my "Bluckies" (blow molded skeletons from Big Lots) stand up and pose.  I give more detailed instructions HERE.  These are some various pictures of my Bluckies... then and now!

These Bluckies are all from 2004.  Most of them are not painted.

In 2005, the Bluckies have multiplied and now we have 17 of them.  We would have 18, but I gave one to the youngster next door for winning a contest last year at the kids' Halloween Party.  That night, that Blucky pee'd on their couch.  I guess he wasn't housebroken yet.

I fitted all but 2 of my Bluckies with PVC.  They all get a paint job with the automotive sprayer of a nice chocolate brown color.  Or poop color.  Whatever, it's brown.  After Andy did his job, I got started drybrushing some light grey across the raised areas like the bones and ribs and such.  Below is some of the fun the Bluckies had during their paint shower.

This little guy is my favorite!

My idiot husband backed over the Bluckies!  He was backing the Suburban in the driveway and I said,

"Andy, don't run over the--"  


"-- Bluckies." 


He broke their legs off at the knees.  Poor Bluckies.  I was going to rush them to the ER, but I was too full from the steak dinner we just got back from eating.

In the '05-'06 Off-season, my Bluckies hung around the back yard to watch the kids play.

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