Lots of fun with a little Blucky pal and some latex.  I wanted to experiment with corpsing without  taking the risk of screwing up a Bucky, so I used a couple of my little Blucky friends for this project.  I think it turned out pretty good for my first try at corpsing.  I highly suggest using a Blucky if you're corpsing for the first time so you can get a feel for it before moving on to the more expensive Bucky or Bart.

I started by cutting the ribs, mouth, eyes and nose areas out with a Xacto knife.  (Thanks to SickieIckie from Haunt Forum for this idea!)
I used some masking tape to cover the eye sockets so the beef netting would hold its shape.
Then I used some scrap beef netting dipped in joint compound and draped it over the openings. It took a couple of coats of the joint compoud to fill in the weave of the beef netting.
I was working on 2 of them at the same time.  I sanded down the joint compound after it was all dry.  I didn't bother with the mouth area, although the next one I do will have at least some black spray paint on the inside.
I sprayed the mudded parts of the skulls with Spar urethane to water proof them.  I think I did 3 coats for good measure.
I used 2 different methods of reshaping the hips.  The first one was with a heat gun.  I just held the heat gun over the pelvis until it was soft and then I caved it in with my foot.  I heated it and pushed it in until I got it into a suitable shape.
The second go 'round, I used Deathlord's method (I think it was his) and simply cut the front off and filled it with Great Stuff expanding foam, then carved it with a knife until it looked okay.

You can see I had quite the body part collection taking up space on my desk.  :-)

I used expired Cementex casting latex for the first one. I just brushed latex onto the plastic, then stuck some tissues on, and brushed more latex over that.  It wrinkles well, and looks gnarly up close.
It's a LOT easier to corpse a skeleton when you have a 360 reach.  So, since I don't have a rack to hang them on, I used a ladder and a piece of wire.
Once I got the latexing done, I moved on to stain.  I used Minwax Jacobean stain first, wiping off the excess so that the recesses showed up better.  Then I used MinWax Ipswitch Pine to color the rest of it, wiping off the excess a little on the raised areas.  This is where the ladder came in especially.
You can see here why I would have black paint on the inside of the skull.  The really light inside of the skull doesn't quite look icky and decayed like the rest of it.
Just a closer view of the torso area.
And here is my very first attempt at corpsing in its place in my spider scene. 

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