People ask me all the time how I did the skulls in the fireplace to make it look like there are flames in there.  So I finally remembered to take some pictures after I set it up.

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

I used some red string lights to make the skulls glow.  Basically I shoved sections of the lights into the bottoms of the skulls where there's a hole, about 10 lights in each skull.  This is a pain in the rear to try to move once you've got the lights in, so I suggest doing it close to where you're going to display it.  I didn't take any pictures so you're on your own for that part.
Once I got the lights in, I place the whole pile of skulls into the fireplace, kind of stacking them so they face forward.  I added some bones in too.  Once I got them all stacked up, I put a string of flicker lights in and just positioned the flicker bulbs so they are pointing upward and visible.  Then I took some of that crappy stringy spider web stuff and rubbed it all over the inside wall of the fireplace to get it sooty.
I place the webbing over the lights and in between the skulls to cover the red string lights that were showing and cover the cords.  I made sure the flicker bulbs were sticking out.  The flicker bulb string lights can be found in the "other holiday" sections, which are all put in the aisles in July and take over the stores before October is even over.  >:-{
I put the female end of an extension cord through the bottom of the edge of the door and plugged both cords in.
Then I plugged the extension cord into the wall outlet and lit that sucker up!  I know some people may think this is a fire hazard... well, it's in a fireplace, so I guess it'd be safe.
When you have it lit, especially at night, you can't see any cords or crap, and it actually looks good. 
The flicker bulbs really make it look cool.  Or hot... whatever. 

I took a small video with my camera to kind of show what it looks like when it's on:

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