Not really a "little" project, but something I made.  I used 1X2s to build a frame, then used some pink foam board to cover it.  I have a section of 1/2" PVC running down the length of each column to slide over rebar in the ground so they don't tip over. I screwed the PVC in place at an angle through the end sections and applied some Gorilla glue for extra measure. I also left a couple of inches of PVC sticking out of the top of the columns so that I could attach my PVC Cemetery sign to them to create an arch.
   The top pieces are just 2" white Styrofoam.  I used Gorilla Glue to help hold some of this together, plus some screws, bamboo skewers, Great Stuff, and joint compound.  I coated it all in DryLok then painted.


Below you can see the PVC, to the left is the bottom of the column, the right is the top of the column.


In 2018, I rebuilt a new set of columns since the first pair fell apart due to being left outside uncovered in the back yard for a year. I was in a rush to get them done, so I did not take a lot of pics, and I did not spend a lot of time painting them. I still need to make a new arch, I ended up throwing out the old one as it was wayyyyy messed up.

One of the problems I had with the old ones was that the tops kept falling off. I needed to secure them better, so this time I used some scrap plywood on top of the foam to secure it to the frame. Now when I attach the arch that I will eventually build, the support poles won't move the tops.

See how plain they look? For 2020, they will get a better paint job.

I used a heat gun to curve the PVC in to the arch shape. I used some 1 inch pink foam scraps and a Hot Wire Foam cutter to make the letters. I used screws to hold the letters in place, but the wind kept causing the arch to move and made the letters fall off a few times, so I ended up using zip-ties to hold them in place. I just painted the zip-ties black after I got them on there.



I use a "T" connector to attach the two curved PVC pieces.  I just used the heat gun to bend the bottom part of the arch so that I could fit it all together.  The above right picture shows my attempts at getting the letters to stay put.  I started with screws, then tried hot glue to hold them still, and ended up with the zip-ties.  I also dabbed some rust colored paint here and there on the arch to give it an aged look.  Of course, you can't see it, but I know it's there and I like

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