These are my own artwork.  I drew them for my "following eyes" project.  I cut the eyes out,  and I drew the iris and pupils on a separate page.  I placed a 1/2 inch square of 1/4 inch thick piece of craft foam between the sheet with the actual portrait and the sheet with the eyes, centering the eyes just right in the eye openings, and gluing the foam between to BOTH sheets.  The effect is pretty good, it seems as though they are looking at you wherever you move.  Thanks to the members of the Halloween-L for this great idea!

This is Viktor Von Heathen.

You can see the shadows in the eyes where there is space between the pages.  I am planning on finding some way to illuminate the back page that has the actual eye on it to eliminate the shadow.

Viktor is the Lord of the Manor.

This is Ingrid Von Heathen.

She is the EVIL Lady of the Manor.

This drawing turned out the best, in my opinion.

A side view of Ingrid.

This is Charlotte Von Heathen.

She is the sweet daughter of Viktor.

Ingrid is her step-mother and to no one's knowledge is the killer of Charlotte's mother.  One day I will come up with a cool story line for them.


This is Jonathan Winters, Charlotte's fiancÚ.

I painted a skull over his face with diluted RIT whitener for the morphing portrait effect using a black light.

Eventually, I'd like to take some good photos of us and do these following eyes portraits with our family.  I've gotten a couple of photos for the project, I just need a few more.  I have this project slated for 2009's season.

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