Okay, since I've been busy re-working a few things, I figured Frank needed a little framework surgery as well.  I had a couple of ladies get a little bit rough with Frank last year and a couple of years ago, so he was feeling it in the legs and arms.  I completely took him apart and started over rebuilding him.

This is Frank back when I first gave him a frame so he could stand up.


Basically, he's a GroundBreaker set with a PVC frame.  I took the light out of the head though.

I wrapped my husband (ex now) in duct tape for a duct tape double a few years back.  (Some said I should have wrapped his head up too and used him for the dummy)


I built a frame out of 1" PVC and slipped the duct tape double over it.  Then I filled it with old bedding foam that we used for camping and plastic grocery bags.  I screwed the frame all together so he doesn't fall apart.  This is the hips, elbow, and back.  After he's all put back together, attached by screws and stuffed, I tape him back up again and put some clothes on him.

Next I take out some frustration on some old shoes.  The bigger the shoe the better for this project.  This shoe is an 11 1/2.

I cut the bottoms out of the shoe with a utility knife, making sure to leave the sides of the soles on there.

And I add 45 degree connectors to the end for some stability.

Next I add a length of PVC onto the end of the leg for a "foot".


Then I slide the shoe over the "foot".


Next I screw the shoe onto the connectors on the foot at the "heel" and the "toe".


This is what it looks like when I'm done.  The shoe covers the PVC and he can stand on his own.


I filled the head with some of the bedding foam, then screw the head onto the PVC neck of the frame.

I screwed his hands onto the PVC frame for the arm.

I realize that he looks pretty much the same, except maybe for the shoes.   I am going to try to make him some better big shoes maybe with foam or something, but it's not a necessity right now.  Frank was falling apart and desperately needed to be held together with something other than PVC cement.  I bumped into him several times today while moving around some things, the cats bounced off of him, and my kids kept playing with him and he did not fall over at all, so I think he's much better now.

In 2006, Frank got a new head.

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