My daughters wanted to help with a project, so I decided on a simple one that they could do without making a huge mess.  I needed my little bats to hang from the ceiling in the "Bat room" since their suction cups weren't holding them to the mirror and stuff.  I used an old trick I learned back in elementary school of using buttons or large beads on the end of a section of string or fishing line to hang them.  Here's how we did it:

We started with these cute little rubber bats with the suction cups attached to them. 

This is the bottom view:

We pulled the suction cups out of the bellies of the bats.

This part you might want to do yourself rather than let the kids do it, or at least keep an eye on them if you choose to let them try.  I cut a slit in the top of the bat's back with a pair of scissors.

I tied a bead onto the end of a 2 foot long section of clear fishing line.

Then I shoved the bead and fishingline into the back of the bat in the slit I cut.

Now I've got a bat that I can hang from the ceiling.  We did a bunch of these, the kids really enjoyed being included in the process.


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