Big Ol' Papier Mache' Tree
I figured it was time to build a new large tree for the hall way to replace the very heavy Monster Mud tree that I had before (see HERE) This time I opted for a PVC frame and papier mache instead of Mud and wood. I had a bunch of PVC laying around from the kid tents I built for previous parties, so I used that.
I used the plywood from the old tree as supports.
I cut a scrap piece of 2" foam out for the bottom shape base. Then I wrapped chicken wire around the whole thing.

I used some old white craft paper on a roll to cover the chicken wire and give the papier mache something to cling to. Then I went to work adding the strips of old phone book and glue. I think I did 3 layers.

Once I got those layers done, I started on the homemade paper clay. I just lumped it on so that it looked sort of like tree bark, letting the side dry completely before moving on the the next side.

When it was all completely dry after a few days, I stood it up and threw a coat of stain on it and called it done! Just in time for the party!

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