So, now the latest neat thing is the "Mini-Blucky" or 17 inch blow mold plastic skeleton that can be bought at Family Dollar stores for-- you guessed it-- a dollar!   But how can we make them posable?

I used 14 gauge wire that I bought in the fastener section of Home Depot.  I
took the arms and legs off the lil' guy and then separated the pieces.


I cut a length of wire about 22 inches long, then I inserted it into the hole where one of the legs attaches to the hip and ran it crosswise up to the opposite side through the shoulder hole where the arm attaches.  Then I ran another 22 inch length through the other side the same way to create an "X" inside the ribcage.  
**Note:  It's MUCH easier to start at the hip with the wire than through the shoulder.

Next,  I slid the top arm bone over the wire, poking a hole in the part that sticks out that goes into the bottom half of the arm.  Then I worked the joint back into the shoulder.  It took a little finesse to get the joints back together with the wire inside them, but since the plastic is so soft, I didn't have to worry about it splitting.
Then I slid the other half of the arm bone on the wire and attached the joint to the top arm bone.  The wire almost touched the ends of the finger bones.  Make sure to bend the arm at the shoulder, otherwise the wire will slide around and possibly slide too far out and the arm will fall out or flop around when the legs are put on.

The legs were done basically the same way as the arms.  I slid the thigh bone over the wire, poking a hole in the top joint that goes into the hip and then inserted the leg into the hip.  The shinbone required poking a hole in both ends of the bones since it had 2 male ends (LOL) and slid over the wire and attached the shin to the thigh.  Last, I put the foot over the wire and attached it to the ankle area and bent the wire so it would stand.

The end result is an evilly cute little Blucky than can stand on its own and be posed.


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