I decided my witches needed a better cauldron in 2006, so I tried to use some fiberglass resin.  It didn't work very well because I couldn't mix it right and work fast enough... all kinds of things went wrong with that.  So I just took my chicken wire form and duct taped the heck out of it. 

Then I Monster Mudded it.

  I stuck some short sections of 1" PVC on the bottoms while mudding it to give it something to keep it off the ground. 

Then I coated with DryLok and painted it black.

I left the opening in the bottom of it for the cords from the lights and whatever source I use for the stirring motion for the witches, and also I can pipe fog up through there as well.   I used a turntable and some green string lights for the inside of the cauldron.

I also use red string lights underneath the cauldron for the fiery glow.  This is what I end up with when I put it all together.

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