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It's already late in the year, and with only 46 days left to go before Halloween, I am finally in the spirit to get moving on this year's preparations.  I've spent the past two days brainstorming with my family for some new ideas on making new things, setting things up differently and recycling some old props.  Today I cleaned up my garage and started working on fixing Bird Girl, who had a nice furry rodent living inside her until I evicted it (no babies, thank goodness) and a HUGE hole in her chest area.  It felt really good working on something again.  I wish I could devote more time to getting things ready, but I started a new job that I LOVE, and again this year is a very tight money-spending year, so I have to work with what I have onhand.  THe pumpkin patch that I originally intended to create for this year's front yard display is not gonna happen, so I'm changing up what we normally do in the cemetery a little bit, and doing a new theme in the office - which I can't wait to bring to fruition.   It's a challenge, however, and I am STOKED for the season!



Woohoo! A Make N Take!!!!!!!

"Florida Haunters" Halloween Group Mid-Year Social Event In Ocala --(Ocala, FL) Saturday, May 12th, 2012. Ocala will again host the scary "Florida Haunters" Mid-Season Halloween Social and "Make & Take" Session from 9 AM - 4 PM. It will be held at 1846 SE 36th Avenue in Ocala, FL.

Folks are invited to bring their own creepy Halloween projects, props, costumes, or whatever, to "show & tell" while socializing with other Halloween zealots. If you want to talk about your next frightening Halloween project, a spooky Halloween party decorating idea, your favorite horror costume idea, hearses, Ocala Fear Fest Haunted House , or anything Halloween -- we'll do it.
There will be a super-easy "Make & Take" skeleton corpsing project course taught by Dr. TerrorEyes ("shopping" list to be posted soon on FaceBook), Halloween "stuff" swap, a kids video gaming room, and Gypsy Gems Farm's lead "mare" will bring her beautiful (and friendly) Gypsy Vanner horse for the kids to meet and pet.

Cost: $5 donation toward the rental of the facility is requested. On FaceBook, find us at: https://www.facebook.com/events/146876405412839/

Check the forum's Make and Take section for more details:


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