Updated 10/19/2016

It's been a quiet year here at the Dead End. I made the decision to forgo the annual party again this year. With the month more than half over already, I probaby won't finish any elaborate new props, but I do plan to fix several props and give some of them a new look. I did have one new pumpkin that I started a couple of years ago that I've been working on when I have the spare time, but it's a slow process since I had to clean the garage to find the things I needed to do any of my projects. I took off a full 12 days from work for vacation at the end of the month, just for Halloween projects and fun.

Poor Birdgirl needs some serious work. She's been chewed up by squirrels, birds, and little field mice.

I have several new tombstones that were started last year, but I didn't have time to finish since I was working two jobs at the time. I'm also giving facelifts to most of the older tombstones. Several need repainting and/or repairs.

The Wailing Tree has taken a LOT of falls. I did some quickie patching last year, but this year I think some major fixing needs to happen. I also need to find his other "hand".

I might need a new Wondercutter. This one is old and has been awesome, but needs some finagling to get it to work. I'm trying to builld up the pumpkin I started long ago with some foam board pieces so he can have some shape.

I have a ton of props that I'm going to be working on over the next couple of weeks, I'll try to take photos as I work and post my progress on the original projects pages for each prop.