My cemetery ROCKS!  Okay, well, maybe it doesn't... but I have some rocks in my cemetery.  They're hollow and I made them to conceal my spotlights for my display.  There's nothing less attractive than seeing a bunch of green spotlights in a graveyard.  Okay, maybe there are more unattractive things, but y'all get the point.  Anyway, these are designed based on how one of our Halloween-L list member, CoffinBound's mother made some rocks for a Barber Shop Chorus that CB's dad was in. Here's some pictures of her rocks: Rocks/


Here's how I made mine:


I started with a cardboard box.  I cut one end off of it. Any size cardboard box can be used.

Then I cut the flaps off.  I made sure to tape up the rest of the box very well so it's good and sturdy.

I enjoy recycling.  Recycling is a good thing.  I am using old phone books for most of my projects.  I simply crumpled up a few pages as a time, and taped them to the box.  This does not have to be a beautiful thing.

I just kept going with the tape and paper.  I tried to lose the whole square box look, and made some parts lumpy and bigger than other, ya know, like a real rock.

Here is the box covered completely on the outside of the box.

And the inside view.

I covered the crumpled mass of paper with strips of phone book pages coated with a 50/50 glue/water mixture.  I just kind of slapped it on there willy-nilly, making sure to cover it all.  I alternate between yellow and white pages for each layer so I don't miss any spots, and if I have to stop in the middle of what I am doing, I know where to pick up again.  I covered with 4 layers of paper, the whole box, inside and out.

I gave the paper a day to dry really well, then I applied 2 coats of DryLok. 
This is a close-up of how the DryLok looks.  It gives a stony appearance, which is particularly helpful when you're making ROCKS.
I painted them all black all over.  Then I dry brushed a light gray over the outside of them.  Below is the non-flash and flash pictures of them.  They're actually kind of midway between the two in color when you see them in person.

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