I simply HATED those cutesy pumpkin stake lights.  The are a bit too cute for my taste and the look I am trying to achieve in my yard.  Soooo, I decided on SKULLS.  This is VERY easy to do.  Here is a brief explanation of how I did it.


I already had a couple of sets of those lights from years before that someone had given me.  They only have 7 lights.

I bought a whole bunch of these blow-mold skulls from Big Lots for 99 cents each just to have... never can have enough skulls, ya know?


I used a utility knife to cut the holes in the bottom of the skull.  I probably could have used a drill to do this and it would have been MUCH easier, but I didn't have the right bit to do it.  The hardest part is making sure the hole isn't too big or it won't stay on the stake.


Next I just attached the skull to the stake the same way the pumpkins go on them.


MUCH better than those pumpkins!


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