I was bored, so I decided to do something to fill a few minutes of day.  I grabbed a couple of 12"X16" canvases, the tacky adhesive spray, and a can of black spray paint and headed to the back yard.

I found a nice crab spider web and moved (carefully) the spider to another location.  Then I sprayed the web lightly with the black spray paint.  Next, I sprayed the canvas with the adhesive, and gently brought the canvas behind the web and slowly  pulled the canvas into the web.

When I got inside, I simply covered the canvases with Saran Wrap to protect them.  Unfortunately, some dust and stuff got onto them before I got them inside, so they are not my best work, but they'll do for now.  You could also skip the plastic wrap and spray a clear coat of some sort, like polyurethane, lacquer, or spar varnish over it.

The second canvas didn't turn out as well as the first did, but it has 2 separate webs on it that were side by side in the bushes.


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