This is Uncle Rob when I first made him in 2001.  A crappy plastic tablecloth and a flimsy PVC frame.  Some old gloves of mine filled with paper towel and wire for his hands.  His head was a mask and a milk jug.  He was only about 6 feet tall then.


This is Uncle Rob in 2003 when he got a new PVC frame.  A bit sturdier, but the PVC cement was old and didn't hold very long.  I kept having to stick his arms back on.  He grew a bit too, about 7 feet tall.  He got new  hands and a new robe that I sewed for him, but still had the crappy milk jug head so it kind of drooped.

I gave Uncle Rob a new base, with some extra length on the front to keep him from toppling over too easily.  I already made him the frame of the thicker schedule 40 one-inch PVC, so I just had to reposition him and used screws to hold him together this time instead of PVC cement.


I made him some filler for his body with some Great Stuff that I carved off of my Bird Girl and some new Great Stuff to stick it all together.  This is 2 cans, plus a 5 gallon bucket of carving scraps.  I also used chicken wire to fill out his body so the robe will flow a bit better.

He's much more imposing now with his arms up in the air.  His body is filled out much better too.  I had to get rid of that stupid milk jug, so I made him a head out of Great Stuff too.. I used the milk jug as a mold for it.  I shoved a piece of PVC into it and screwed it onto the frame.


Just to give an idea of how tall he is, I'm standing next to him fixing his beard that got all tangled.  


Denise, AKA Sister SINamon, suggested giving him a lantern to hold and illuminate his face, which I thought was a FABULOUS idea!  So here is Uncle Rob with his lantern.  I may change this later because this lantern is a bit heavy, but I like the faux flame.    I still need to reinforce his arm and hand since there is only some wire in there holding the lantern.  I'll try to remember to take a picture when it gets dark so he'll look a little more creepy.  Thanks to my sister Babs for donating the lantern!



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