I was sitting at my desk at home on the 3rd day of school being back in session, pondering what to do with my extremely quiet day.  I was looking at the cover a one of my favorite Halloween costume and decor books, "Halloween" by Joanne Sullivan, and decided on a whim to make some papier mache` witch hats just for decorations sitting around here and there.  Click on the pictures for a bigger view.

I started with a section of cardboard that I cut into a circle, then cut out the center circle to make the rim of the hat.

Then I rolled up a section of newspaper loosely to fit inside the hole of the cardboard.

I cut slits in the newspaper that were about 2 inches long and 2 inches wide to make tabs so the newspaper didn't bunch up..  Then I taped down the tabs of newspaper to the cardboard.  I used duct tape because I have a LOT of it, otherwise I'd have used masking tape.

This is what I ended up with.

I taped around the edge where the newspaper comes through the hole in the cardboard.

I bunched up the newspaper at the end to form a tip and kind of taped around it all and bunched it up until I got the shape I wanted.

To help keep the shape, I crumpled some newspaper and put it inside the top of the hat.
I put a layer of tape inside the hole to keep the crumpled newspaper in place and to create a base for the papier mache' to stick to.
To do my papier mache' projects, I don't bother with the very messy dipping method.  I use an old plate and a paintbrush to brush on the glue to both sides of the paper then smooth it onto the surface I'm working on with my fingers.  It also uses less glue and makes the whole thing go much faster.
And let the papering begin!
I used a wig head cast to hold it up while I did the edges.  I coated the entire thing with 3 coats of paper.
Painted with black paint.

I dry brushed the hats with different colors on each one.  I put them up on the shelves over my kitchen for now until I can decide where I want them to be displayed.

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