This guy got run over (I didn't do it!) so I had to move  him to hiding in the bushes.  He was actually kinda creepy there.  He gets a complete makeover in 2002.


This year, I added a witch.  I never got around to buying a big cauldron for her.  The small one in front of her had some of those mini-Halloween string-lights under it for a flickering effect.  Looked pretty good in the dark.


The ape suit was a hit again... some of the "veteran" TOTs were warning the other newbie kids t watch out for it.  It was stuffed with newspaper in this pic.

This is my new PVC dummy, Wes.  He peeks out of the window and even gave me the heebie-jeebies!  I had a flashlight illuminating him from below on the windowsill.


This fellow will probably get a makeover in 2000 too.  If you look closely, you may be able to see my son peeking out of the window.  He THOUGHT he was gonna scare me.... NOT!


This ghost was one of my favorites.  He is just a static prop, moved only by the wind.  I used one of those 99cent Big Lots skulls and a ragged old sheet pinned to it.  I used fishing line to hang him from the tree and a spotlight, so he's very noticeable.  I hid the spotlights with the tombstones, which provided enough light to make the stones look good too.  (But you can't tell that from the pictures.)


This 8 foot reaper is just a 10-foot section of PVC pounded into the ground with a really cool foam skull from Big Lots and 2 black plastic tablecloths from the dollar store.  I used a + shaped connector and added some arms and a neck for the skull to rest on.  My neighbors came over and asked me if he was staying up all month.  Well OF COURSE he did!!!  And a couple of extra weeks after!  He had a flashlight inside his head and red gel paper over the insides of the eyes to give him an evil glow from within.


I liked the skull from the reaper so much that I went back to Big Lots and bought 2 more.  I mounted them to the brick on both sides of my entryway and put spotlights in the plant containers below them.  They looked awesome!  I wish the pictures were better, I used a crappy camera.  

This ghost was out in the middle of the yard.  I used fishing line to hang him, from the house to the tree in the front yard.  He looks good in the dark and the breeze was just right to make him seem like he was hovering.





It's the "Transylvania or BUST" guy in the suitcase again!

This guy really gave a lot of the girls the creeps.  They weren't sure if he was a real person or not.  He's actually my very first PVC dummy, and I think he reminds me of my dad for some reason....







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