This year's party was WAAAAAAAAY better than 1999's party.   I had more people, more food, more decorations, and MORE FUN!!  Too bad someone didn't fall asleep this year, we could've had a little more fun with that.  The costumes were outstanding, and everyone looked great.  I wish that I had taken more pictures of the decorations and food, but unfortunately, (as usual) I didn't.

One of the only shots where I actually have my teeth in (fake vamp teeth).  I had red contacts too.


My "victim"
The "Got Blood" sign was his idea.

My best friend and her husband:
Felicity Shagwell and Austin Powers

The Jamaicans Mon!

Elvis and Marilyn Monroe

The Pumpkin Patch

One of the Pink Ladies and Elwood from the Blues Brothers

A pair of Hippies

Biker Man and Trekkie

A Survivor and a Masked Dude

Inmate and Cop
Wilma and Fred Flintstone

The only two people to show with NO costumes on.  I made them wear these extra masks I happened to have.

My girl, Taylor AKA Blue

My boy, Brandon the Ninja

My Pink Lady friend had a hard time looking me in the eye that night because my red contacts were freaking her out.

Those teeth kept everyone laughing all night.  Nobody could even look at him without cracking up!

We're feelin' IRIE mon!

I was finding feathers from Marilyn's boa for two weeks after the party!

What a ladies' man!


I used flicker bulbs in my chandelier in the dining room, they looked fabulous.  In the room opposite this one, I had a 10-foot spiderweb soaked in RIT whitener and a 2-foot home made spider, complete with a victim.  It looked awesome, but stupid me, I forgot to take pics.



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