This is what happens when you fall asleep at one of my parties!  Shown here is Skunk Boy AKA the BIRTHDAY BOY!

His birthday is October 30th.  The party was held on the 29th, so when he fell asleep after midnight, he became fair game.

We liked the idea of lipstick, so we used it to write little notes on his legs, like "Happy Birthday" and stuff.

We thought he needed a little color on his face... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

We had SOOOOO much fun doing this.  He had no clue what was happening since he was schnockered and sleeping.  I laughed so hard that I thought I was going to wet myself when he woke up.  He did NOT fall asleep at the 2000 party, I think he learned his lesson.  No one else fell asleep since then either.

I'd just like to point out that he was a very good sport about all this the next day.


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