Even though I wanted a party every year, 1999 was the first year I actually HAD one.  I invited a BUNCH of people and had a BUNCH of replies saying they'd be there, but these are the only ones who actually showed up.  I ended up throwing away a ton of food and wasn't too happy about that.  I was pretty bummed, but we had a good time, so I got over it quickly.  These are some of the best friends that came...
( The names have been changed to protect the guilty)

"Skunk Beer" and "Will werk 4 food"

Ms. Green Bay Packer (Brett Favre's #?) and Me

Me and my best and closest friend, the Gypsy

Pregnant Nun
(That's a man, folks..)

My best friend from high school, The Jester.
I dressed her in one of my costumes when she arrived.

The Crazy Clown Chef
(There were actually 2 of them, but the other didn't get a pic)

The Nun and the "Skunk Beer"


This ape gets around!

Ol' Skunk there gave up on his "can" that I worked VERY hard on for him and took it off early in the evening.  It was a piece of rolled up corrugated cardboard spray painted to look like a beer can, with arms cut out.  Got the idea from one of those beer commercials where they complain of skunky beer.  It was a good idea in theory.



Ms. Green Bay Packer made this yummy graveyard dessert

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