This suitcase has a bumper sticker that I made that says "Transylvania or BUST!"  The grown-ups got a kick out of that.


This Ghost in the window was originally supposed to be a FCG, but I didn't have time to finish it, so it just hung in the window lit from underneath as a static prop.  The kids loved it anyway.



Most people thought these two guys were real people dressed up.


All my tombstones were made out of the foam you buy at floral shops or Michael's.  It's a pain to work with.

The guy leaning against the tree was standing on his own, but the wind picked up a bit, so I leaned him against the tree.  The Frankenstein "Groundbreaker" got a body made for him later in true FRANKENSTEIN fashion.  ;)



These two guys scared the crap out of my neighbors and everyone else that had to see them every day and night for a month.

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