I cut up some fabric and used some cheap curtain rods to hang the drapes.  I have them in most of the doorways and windows in the house.  The fabric lets some light through during the day.  The chandelier light bulbs will be replaced with flicker bulbs for the party.

This painting is actually covered with black fabric, which has tiny holes in it, much like what a hockey or football jersey  is made of.  In regular light, you cannot see thought it well, but with the flash from the camera, you can see what it looks like underneath.  I used some glow in the dark fabric paint to make a spider web on it and have a black light positioned across the room from it.

I stapled black tulle on the top half of the walls.  The bottom is that black plastic you can get in a roll at Party City, which I hot-glued to the wall.  My walls are painted with a semi-gloss paint, so the glue peels right off easily.  The "chair rail" is made of those cheapo blow mold skeleton parts.  I just cut them in half lengthwise and hot glued them to the wall where the tulle and plastic meet.



I affectionately call this guy Uncle Rob. (He kinda reminds me of Rob Zombie.)  The top half of his body is actually a duct tape dummy over PVC; it gives him better shoulders.  I used more of that plastic table cloth to make his robe for now.  He is pretty creepy and very tall.  I am gluing some fake fur to his eyebrows since there are holes there because it is a mask.

I made this spider myself.  I taped together a bunch of newspaper on my floor and freehanded a spider pattern on to it.  It started out about 6 feet in length.  I cut it out and pinned it to black fabric and purple fabric (an old sheet), cut the fabric into the shape, and sewed it up.  Filling this bad boy's legs took forever!  I had to use chopsticks to get the filling in the legs.  I used some electrical wire to get the shape of the legs right.  After sewing, stuffing, hanging, and positioning, she is about 4 feet long.  I gave her purple eyes that light up.  The black light in the room make the purple underbelly glow.


Normally, my dining room is very light colored.  The chairs are all cream colored, so I took them apart and recovered them with black fabric.  The table will be covered in black tulle for the party.

This is Frank.   I finally made him a free-standing body out of a duct-tape dummy and PVC.  It took some work to get him to stand alone, with no visible PVC, but I have a method for it.  He is about 6'5".
Mike Bruner's creation, "Friendly Frank", is my inspiration for this project.

Just a little shot of some tealight holders I got from Big Lots.  I plan on having a nice collection up there, mostly of cats.



This year, I made a PVC frame (last minute) for the Ape costume, stuffed him with plastic bags and newspaper and threw him in the shower.  He gave many quite a shock when they had to use the bathroom.  A few didn't trust that he was not a real person.

I covered the walls in the bathroom in black plastic and threw some garland around as a border.


I had several of these cheesecloth and blow mold skull ghosts hanging around the house.  This one is in the family room.  There was a blacklight opposite it on the plant ledge between the family room and kitchen so it glowed nicely.

My fireplace was pretty cool.  I had about 8 of those blow-mold skulls in there, and I cut holes in the bottoms of them and filled them with twinkling red string lights.  I placed a bit of gray spray-painted batting under them and mixed some red lights with it to simulate embers.  The effect is ruined by my bad camera skills in this pic, but you get the idea.

I have 2 of these 3-foot posable skeletons from WalMart this year.  They stay up on the ledge all year long, and are affectionately named "Castor and Pollux"   (Yeah, I'm a Gemini!)


I used a little cheesecloth and a blow-mold skull to make a cheap and easy swag-type thing to go over the doorways to most of the rooms.  This is on the walkway thru the kitchen from the dining nook.


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