Nice, umm... err... coconuts...
This costume was actually Lee's idea.  I almost peed my pants the first time I saw him in it.

I kept wondering why my fog wasn't lying low to the ground when I was using my fog chiller... I realized SOMEONE kept turning the fan on when I would turn it off.


This used to be my living room... now it serves as an office/ workout room.  I covered the walls in black plastic and had a blacklight in there.  It really looked great when there was no freakin' camera flash.  This room was where my fogger and chiller were set up.  The cobwebs glowed nicely under the blacklight.  I also hot-glued a bunch of GITD spiders and cockroaches onto the wall.  The "tie-backs" for the curtains were those blow-mold skeleton hands with a piece of cord run through them.  They were simple and a hit.


The lighting really was nice for the party, although you can't tell with the flash from the camera.  I learned too late how to work the dang night shot on it.  Everything was candle lit, blacklit, orange sting-lighted, or flicker flame lit.  There were NO white lights.  The light fixture above the table in the above pic was covered with a cauldron that I drilled holes in with a large bit so some light could shine through.  I added some green spider web stuff to the top to cover the top of the light fixture (making sure it wasn't too hot!) and a couple of bones, and it looked pretty cool.  I had to split the cauldron in half to get it over the light and hot glued it back together.  The process can be found on this page.


I normally put floating candles in the pool, but I didn't feel like having to relight and move them away from the edge of the pool all night, so I threw a skeleton in there on a float.


My very first Bucky - a first class one!....  he was one of those specials from Anatomical Chart Company, (you can buy them as of 2007 from the new supplier for ACC's line: The Skeleton Store).  (I kept telling everyone that the cobwebs were real, we've had that bench for 2 years, and it's NEVER been used!)


This is the second spider I made for the office/foyer area.  Her eyes glow orange-red and she is probably the first thing you notice when you walk in the door.   Kind of a last minute project.

Another cheesecloth and cheap skull ghost.  This one was blacklit.


Another cheesecloth ghost.  This one actually got some of the blacklight from the office and I had to put something black behind it, so I used paper streamers to make sort of a curtain behind it.


All of the cheesecloth I used for the ghosts and doorway swags were sprayed with RIT, so they looked pretty cool in the blacklight.


I didn't know what else to do with this area.  My store-bought AFG (Animated Flying Ghost) hung right behind that little section of wall above the hallway and the ceiling behind it is actually 8 feet in stead of the 10 feet that is in front of it.  My AFG was hidden behind that piece of wall and you couldn't see the marionette unless it was activated, or you were standing underneath it.  I bought these posable spiders and figured that would be a good spot for them.


Witches' fingers cookies, almost shortbread-like with almonds for the fingernails.  I got the recipe from Britta's Halloween Recipes.

All of these pictures were taken on the night of the party.  For Halloween, I added a lot of stuff.  There is a skeleton on the roof on the right side of the house.


I made this Jello brain with a mold and a recipe from Goblinville.  The eyes are just our family recipe for deviled eggs, and I turned them upside down on cupcake papers and painted the irises and pupils on with food coloring.

The Happy Couple walking their pet Rat




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