It's just not Halloween without Wes.  He got a black curtain behind him this year and a stronger light, so he is much more noticeable.

This Blucky stood by the front door.  Getting hit with the red spot light that I had turned up ward toward the columns of the house gave it a nice creepy glow.  This picture actually made it to the 2004 party invitation.


I painted this blucky with some brown paint and wiped off the excess leaving paint in the creases and indentations.  It fairly good in the dark.  The blue lighting makes him look creepy.

I fitted all of my Bluckies with PVC this year so they can stand and pose on their own without wire or glue.  Got lots of questions on how to do that.  You can see  here kind of what I did.


I liked the climbing Blucky idea, so I went with it!

Another year that the witch didn't get her stirring motion.  Andy (awesome man) surprised me with a turntable, but I couldn't find plans to hack it in time to finish it.





Andy made a great crime scene with Bucky driving the Jeep this year, but we moved it all before I could get a picture.  I did get a pic of the outline though.

I bought some pink foam to make some more tombstones this year, and I had to glue them together because they are only and inch thick.  Unfortunately, it's SO humid here in north Florida in October that they just didn't dry in time to make the tombstones.  They'll get done next year!

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