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One side of my family room

This ghost was on the other side of the family room above the loveseat.  It was soaked in RIT whitener and blacklit.


Fireplace and mantle in family room, a MUCH better pic than last year's

Like last year, I put the Blucky skulls in there and this year added some flicker lights to the scene.  Looked like there was real fire in there.  (How I did it can be found HERE)





The breakfast nook, done in black plastic and blow mold arm bones like last year.  The old ghost slip covers I made for the formal dining room a few years ago made their way in here this year.


This cauldron was cut in half top to bottom and placed over my existing light fixture in the nook.  I drilled some holes in it so some light could come through and placed some glow-in-the-dark green webbing on top to make it look like something was brewing.  (The how-to is here)


I needed something to go on this blank wall in the nook, so I placed some blacklight reactive masks on it.  They looked kinda cool.


More stuff in the kitchen

Just a view through the kitchen

The "Bat-room"


Another repeat from last year, only I forgot his shower cap!

I left the shower curtain closed so you could only see a shape in there and had to open the curtain to see what it was.  I want to rig it somehow so that the arm moves when the door or curtain is opened.

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