The "Ham Head" stole the show at my adult party, creeped out the teens at the teen party, and the kids at the younger kids party were just too darn busy running like wild animals through the house to notice anything except the apple bobbing.
When I was a kid, we never got to bob for apples, so I wanted to make it a tradition for my kids.  I put the bucket on a table rather than on the floor to make it easier for the kids to bob. Here is my daughter, Taylor showing them how it's done!
Here, Andy was trying to get that "London Fog" atmosphere going in the graveyard.
My kids

Our office (lights on) with the "SceneSetters" wall covering

And, lights off with the blacklights on

Please excuse the grainy pictures, I had to add fill light since I didn't know how to use the low light functions yet on the digital camera. 



Below left is the Bucky that held the cauldron with the candy for the ToTs.  I had some glow sticks in the cauldron too, which looked neat. 

Below is the dining room, with and without light

Below, the "Batroom"
The bottom right picture in this group is the gorilla in the shower.


The nook

I actually used a very stretchy see-through fabric that I got at Wal Mart for a buck a yard on the lower half of the walls in the nook.  I did as previous years and hot glued the "bone chair rail" at the top.



Andy's last-minute lame crime scene.  He had his old Jeep roped off with crime scene tape and this Bucky on the ground with a glow in the dark chalk outline, complete with some shell casings on the ground surrounding it.  There was a Bucky in the Jeep as well, but I think the pics are still in the film camera in the closet...

To the left is my fence under construction.



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