This year's party was more fun for me than any of the previous years.  I was SUPPOSED to be a banshee... but I never finished my costume completely.  I will finish it before the next two parties and Halloween night the following weekend.

Props to my buddy Brandon, who is an aspiring chef and helped me a great deal in getting the food done!  (Who says teenagers are useless?!)  He's our very own Chef Ghoul-Ar-Dee.  He prepared some KICKIN' Toxic Tomatoes that were to DIE for!  Thanks to Momma Sherry for letting me borrow him for the evening.

My best girlfriend in the world, Shelly, and her awesome hubby, Dave.  They were a hoot (as usual) as Doctor GoogleHymen and Nurse Candy

Sherry and Gary, two of the coolest people we know.  They were part of "Gangrene".  Somehow, our other friends, Cath and Darryl, who were also part of this green gang didn't get their picture taken! Awesome costume idea!

The gypsies, Richele and the Moron.  Richele did a wonderful job getting these costumes.  The Moron asked that we protect his identity, so I did.  I think he is in the witness protection program, or at least that is what I am telling everyone.

The fair maiden, Michelle... Absolutely stunning (as always) in her gown!!

Me in wig (eww) and the masked man himself, Zorro!  The wig was part of my costume that I only wore for about 2 minutes.  I was a banshee, but I just didn't have time to get the costume completely finished and ended up looking more like a princess.. with black eyes.  Zorro is played by Simon, a friend of Michelle, the lovely maiden above.

My good friend and neighbor, Lori.  Her son and my son helped her pick the right costume; unfortunately they didn't like anything she picked!  I think she did good, who cares what 2 ten-year-olds think anyways...

Don the Skid Mark and his wife Laura the Construction Worker.... They looked GREAT!  I've never seen a walking Skid before.

Another Zorro!  Mike and Cindy (who looks gorgeous in her costume), friends and neighbors of Shelly and Dave.  Strangely, the two Zorros unmasked themselves and found they knew each other and play soccer against each other often!  What are the odds?

Teresa as the beautiful Miss Piggy (with Kermit tethered in his place)  She looked so adorable; I thought she definitely had the cutest costume of the evening.

We had other people who are not pictured, simply because we forgot (BAD Deanna and Andy, BAD BAD BAD!!!) to take their pictures or they disappeared when the camera was in sight:

My sister, Babs, the Sorceress and her sister-in-law Tanya, the gothic maiden;

 Missy, the green M&M and her gun-totin' outlaw, Keith;

 Deb, the Blind Date from Hell;

 and the other half of the "Gangrene", Catherine and Darryl.


A HUGE thanks to everyone that came and made our work worth every second.  Halloween is the one night out of the year that I REALLY look forward to and spend a great deal of time working on, and the annual party is the icing on the cake for me. 



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