I managed to take a lot of daylight pictures, which shows the lack of  new stuff.  Unfortunately, several props were so damaged by rain and poor handling that I had to bid them farewell.  Goliath is one of them, along with the witches monster mud cauldron.

I managed to remember to get the pumpkins carved into JoLs this year!   I wanted a nice little "family" scene, so I made one of the larger JoLs some arms and let it chow down on the mini-JoLs I carved.  Being a parent, I can understand how a pumpkin would want to eat its young.  ;-)

Poor Blair really had a tough off-season.  I tried to quickly fix her arms and head, but I just really didn't care enough, so I left her alone after about 5 minutes.
I forgot Helga's potion bottle and didn't bother with the stirring motion this year.  I threw Bart in the cauldron and called it done. 
This was funny.  I found it like this the next afternoon, one of my kids did it.
Didn't know what to do with the witch hats, so they got nailed to the wall.  I kinda like them there.
This year, I sectioned off the office from the foyer for something different.  I used some black fabric and stapled it to the ceiling for a curtain effect.
I did take the gossamer further this year and added it over the kitchen cabinets.  I REALLY liked what I ended up with up there.  I used all my witch doctor stuff and some of the witch potion bottles up there with the normal stuff I use every year.  I believe I'll be doing that again in the future.

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