The party for 2008 was WAAAAAAAY quieter than any other party I've had, including the very first one where only 5 people showed up!  We had 20 guests who were in attendance, some left early, some came late, so it seemed like there were only a handful of people there all night. I feel horrible for the few that did show up.. I probably seemed like a horrible hostess this year and wasn't the best of company all evening.  My next door neighbor had a small shindig at her house too, so they (about a dozen people) popped over for a few minutes, but didn't stay very long.   Considering I sent out almost 80 invitations, this was a really disappointing year.  What really disappointed me the most was the fact that I had so many people asking me when the party was, making sure I was still having it and telling me they were looking forward to it, but NONE of them showed up.  Next year's party invitation list will be cut down some since I'm officially instituting the 3 strike rule for those who have not shown up for the past 3 years of being invited.  This year I know I forgot a few people and even knocked some people off the list who haven't come to the party since Andy and I have been together, so a couple of people may have actually been here if I'd remembered.  Oh well, I seriously thought about canceling the party altogether, but I kept my word and had it.  Now I wish I'd just canceled.  Anyway, lesson learned.  I didn't stress this year over the party... I didn't have the motivation to make it the best ever, so I didn't do a lot of the stuff I normally do and whatever didn't get done was just tossed aside.  As it was, I did too much already for my mood and ended up with a ton of food and no one here to eat it.  I blame low attendance on several factors this year with the economy really sucking, it's an election year, gas prices, no kids allowed, yadda yadda... anyway, who cares.  It's over.  We didn't take many pictures, but we did get a few. 


Me and my BFF Shelly

Andy, watching the World Series Game (he's thinking, GO Phillies)

Jesus made time for our party!

(That's our friend Gary's son and this is my favorite picture from the whole night)

An action shot of Gary and his wife Jackie and their group.

An action shot of everyone outside, including our friends Catherine and Darryl!

Our Neighbors from down the street (and Ivy's parents) Chip and Cindy with Shelly and Dave

One of the best friends I have who even drove up from Tampa for the party, Ivy (dressed as Ellen Degeneres) on the left with two of her friends

And Chip and Cindy with their tattoos which is totally hilarious if you know them.

And last but not least, Ashlyn (who always gets into the spirit and is one of the most beautiful princesses ever!) and Daniel (who never dresses up for me)

These are the little beds that Ashlyn made to match her costume.  They were wonderful!  Very simple too... Rice Crispy treats covered with fruit roll up strips with half a marshmallow for a pillow, a dob of some sort of candy or icing for the "pea", and a pretzel for the headboard for the bed.  I LOVE these!  They tasted really good too.

I kept the food fairly simple this year, although I still made way too much. 

Some dried mango slices for color:


Some of my Sliced Snake and veggies over Black bugs (RECIPE)

The usual easy and fast meatballs, only I changed meatball type this year:

My neighbor, Lydia, made this really delicious cold salad... it had a slightly asian taste to it to me.  I really liked it:

The usual Deviled Eyes, only I cheated this time and used olives:

Mmmm.... meat head....

And the usual cheesecake:


There was a LOT more food, but it wasn't anything special.  A bunch of the food was taken to work and set up for my coworkers, who all think I am nuts.  :)  But they enjoyed the little buffet.  I had almost the whole tray of meat left over for them, so Meat Head was quite the fun topic that night since he made an appearance.


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