This first paragraph will sound like I'm complaining, mostly because I am.  2009's party was even worse than 2008's party.  I spent the two weeks prior to the party sick with a sinus infection, and with a horrible pain that radiated from my upper jaw into the side of my head (which I later found out to be an abscess on a tooth that had been root-canaled TWENTY years ago, the pressure from the sinus infection on top of my teeth-clenching aggravated the area and caused the whole problem).  I found it really difficult to be in the mood for making anything new or even having the party, but I already committed to it and people had been asking me about it all year long, so I figured I HAD to do it.  I won't make that mistake again.  I did all the prep myself except for setting up the lights and chairs on the pool deck, started the party myself (with some help from Tom, who then was a good friend and now is an even better boyfriend), and basically ran myself into the ground with the whole mess.  I spent almost all of the party in pain and miserable.  I did all of this for a whole FIFTEEN people, out of the 70-something or so that I invited.  Three of the ones who showed up were extras that were brought by friends.  I didn't bother with taking many pictures.  Here are the few that I did manage to catch:


Two of my coworkers, Miguel and Tom (who managed to capture my heart)

The always adorable Ashlyn

A coworker from my old store, Willie

Another of my new coworkers,  the beautiful Devin and her girlfriend whose name I'm afraid to try to spell.

Catherine and Darryl, always the good sports

Darryl's Mom, Howard

Cath and Darryl's friend, can't remember her name

Ivy, who I am so thankful for every single day

Teresa, who came all the way from St. Augustine

Dan the man, not in costume, as always.


Not pictured, are my friend Paula who gets to wear pirate garb EVERY day since she works on a pirate ship in St Augustine, neighbor Judith, myself, and my now ex-husband Andy (who announced a hockey game and didn't stroll in until after 10 PM).


There will be no party for 2010.  It's been 10 years of doing this every year, and I think it's time for a break.


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