In 2003, I made some bottles and jars to sit in my kitchen and around the house for the annual Halloween party.  They were very crude and simple and never stood out or got any attention.  In 2004, they didn't even get taken out of the storage box.  For 2005, I decided to revamp the bottles, giving them better labels and grouped them in the kitchen together.  I basically made these labels the same way that I made the labels for the treat bags, which are located here:

I created a page for some invitations that I made with small bottles that gives the basics of how I make the potion bottles. It can be found here:

2017 Invitations


In 2006, I simply added more bottles and jars for the "Year of the Witch".  2007 came, and I decided I wanted all of the labels to match, so I removed all the old ones and replaced them with new ones.


I also wanted some neat bottles for my witch doctor scene in 2006, so I sent my son out to raid people's recycle bins for bottles and jars.  We spray painted a bunch of them black.  I had a ton of those skull whistles, so I used some MinWax stain on them to give them an aged look.  I hot glue them into the tops of the bottles.  Then I used some twine and wrapped it around the bottles in different places and used hot glue to hold it all in place.  They looked kinda neat.


I've been asked many times if I would share my templates for the labels, but I never saved the newer ones after I printed them out.  I do, however, still have the old ones from 2005.  For anyone wanting to make some simple labels, I am putting all of my old labels on this page for downloading.  The labels will not be green (that's just the background color I used for the table); they are all gifs, so they will be whatever color paper you use them on.  Just right click and save as.

I threw together the list of the actual stuff I put inside the 2005 version bottles and jars as well, for ideas on what to use for the ingredients:




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