These are the assorted pictures that Andy and Brandon took at the party. Unfortunately, we didn't get everyone. :-( With over 60 guests, this was the biggest turn-out we've ever had, and it was hard keeping up with everyone, especially for me since I was in the kitchen most of the night. A few of the guests were neighbors that I haven't met before, some I know the faces but can't remember their names. (Sorry y'all-- I'm HORRIBLE with names!) If I misspelled anyone's names, let me know!!

Next year will be quite different. (I'm planning it to be more organized like 2005's party, where I got to actually mingle, and everything was ready to go by 7 PM, except the food which was all put on the tables by 8.) Half the house didn't get cleaned, lots of things didn't get set out or got set up in the wrong places. For the views of what the house SHOULD have looked like, visit the Halloween 2006 picture pages.

Weather slowed me down some this year as well; we had a big storm come through on Friday evening that collapsed the kids' tent and prevented me from getting a lot of stuff done outside in time on Saturday. The second kids' tent didn't get done thanks to the lack on interest from the oldest child here, but next year will be built to keep the older kids separate from the younger ones and hopefully keep the peace.

******If anyone who was here at the party has any pictures they can share, especially ones of people in costumes, PLEASE send them to me!! Digitals can be emailed to me at and anyone with actual paper photos can bring them by and I can scan them real quick and give them right back. Thanks!****


Ryan and Andrew
Ashlyn and Daniel
Bill and Sally
Carol and Paul
Michelle, Carol, Paul and Kevin
Cindy and Chip
Darryl and Catherine
Sherry and Gary
Randy (this is my fave costume, he scared some people!)
Richele and Ryan
Missy and Mark
Darryl, Mark, and Catherine
Gary and Brandon
Mark and Brandon
Andy (Jenny's Andy, not mine!)
Audrey and Kevin
Isabella and Emily
Randy Unmasked!
Richele, Missy, and Mark
Brandon having fun with the camera
Jake doing it too
Jake's Brain... Umm.. I mean, Jell-O Brain
Some of the food in the dining room
Dining Room Buffet
Condiment mini-pumpkins
Jell-O Heart
Ham Head after the party
What Ham Head SHOULD have looked like
Kitty Litter Brownies-- YUM!
Food in Nook and the big pumpkin that never got carved
Zombie Head Cake aftermath
Zombie Meatloaf
Witch Doctor AKA Bartender Dummy
Witch Doctor Stand AKA BEER station
Kids' Tent after the party
Inside Corner of Kids' Tent
Outside entrance to kids' tent
the right side of the back yard
<--The Pool deck after the party

The pirate Blucky in the pool with the treasure chest and the Davy Jones Locker sign

Wish I had gotten a better picture of that before it got taken out of the pool. :(


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