A good friend of ours, Mark, brought his camera and shot some pics as well. Thank goodness!

That's me in the kitchen, where I spent most of the evening. I barely had time to get a shower and spray some white hair spray in my hair, smear some green on my face, and throw on my old witch dress from like 15 years ago. The new one I ordered didn't fit and I didn't have time to get a new one. It looks great on the hanger though!

For some reason, none of us thought to close the blinds in all the windows. Grr...

I forgot to put the eyeballs in the Ham Head. You can check out how he's SUPPOSED to look HERE.

Ran out of time to properly decorate the Zombie Head cake this year. Last year's looked WAY better. But it tastes good! Everyone ate the face of it first. I still don't know what happened to one of the eyes.

My baked cheese cake. I made some extra ganache and coated the crust before putting in the cheese mixture, and then piped some ganache across the top in a web design before baking. There was only one tiny slice left after the party. It was a dang good cake!

More stuff that didn't get done. I had plans for that open mini coffin and the big-mouth head there on the buffet. :( The mini pumpkins that I had the condiments in didn't get used because they weren't in the right spot.

Ran out of time to get the witches stirring and chanting, but Andy did surprise me by plugging in the green lights I had inside the cauldron and setting up the fogger behind them. :)

Didn't get the PR 'crow done. I think I'll just leave him the way he is for H'ween.

Only got a few of the Bluckies out.

My cemetery columns had to be brought in for the storm on Friday night, so they didn't get put back out 'til like 6PM Sat. eve. The one on the left didn't cooperate with Andy as he put them back out for me.

Andy even got the black light into Helena's crypt for me. I totally didn't think about that stuff because I was so busy inside.

Since my PR version got the spot where the Climbers usually go, I decided to put them on the Crypt.

The new and improved Frankie just hung around next to the tree.

More stuff that didn't get done. The candles didn't get lit, the lights in the spider didn't get turned on.

They were watching hockey during the first part of the party. More candles that didn't get lit and my son in his helpful stage


Grim didn't get put outside. The bookshelf didn't get decorated properly.

More windows that didn't get the shades closed. There were a LOT of things that didn't get done this year and that just disappoints me. This is my first year inviting the whole street and I wanted it to be perfect, or at least as good as last year. Oh well, live and learn. I had a slow start with the decor and a few bad days, so I guess I'll just use it as a learning experience for next year's event. I still have Halloween night to salvage.

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