From the nook area, you move around into the family room.Click on the pictures to view a larger image.
I used Photoshop to "enhance" the kids' pictures for the top of the TV. You have to look closely, but you can see the red eyes, fangs, and long pointy fingernails I gave them.
Off the family is the master bedroom which I turn into a gothic retreat for Halloween. It's the same basically as 2005, so I didn't take many pictures. The big framed print on the wall is actually one from our regular dining room decor. I hung it in our bedroom since the colors went with the red and black theme. The Bride hung around in here for the party and Halloween. I never got around to fixing her arms and hands, so I just leaned her up against the wall. I went further this year in the master bath room and covered the walls in black. This is one of the things that put me behind for the party since I suddenly decided to do it the Wednesday before the party. (OCD/impulsive AND a Gemini-- not a good combo!)
I even put my favorite magazines in the mag rack in the bathroom, like Haunt World and the assorted Halloween decor mags and Martha's Halloween issues. I also added 2 book posters from Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. Some people call me "obsessed". I just call it "detail-oriented". A lot of people asked if I actually use the products in my bathroom or if they are just for decorations. YES, I do actually use them, but not often. I consider them a special treat to indulge myself with. The Goth Rosary products are my FAVORITE! The Crypt and GraveYard shampoos are to DIE for! I use my Absinthe lip balm every day. :)
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