My favorite little hag mask got a little unusable this year.  It's all smushed and cracked now, so I decided to make a new head for her.  I am using a styrofoam wig head and papier mache'.

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I started by building up her nose and chin.  I cut some pieces of styrofoam to add on to the wig form and attached them with the paper and glue.

Then I added some more facial features:  the brow, bottom lip, eyes and eyelids.  I gave her lots of wrinkles by adding papier mache' and scrunching it into wrinkled up pieces.

Now I am waiting for her to dry so I can add some latex to waterproof and blend her face some.

Here, I added some latex that I mixed with acrylic paint for some color.  I will end up painting her since I didn't add enough paint to the mix.  So far, she's looking pretty creepy.

The witch gets some eyes and a paint job.  The eyes are green wooden beads that I cut in half and stuck inside small holes that I cut in the eye area.  Then I used some glow-in-the-dark 3D paint and squeezed it into the rest of the eye area to simulate the whites of the eyes.  I brush a couple of coats of plain latex over the whole eye area when I was satisfied with the shape and look of the eyes.  For the paint, I mixed some green orange and black into the latex and came up with a brownish-green color that works perfectly for her.  I mixed some black and orange into a small cup of latex to make a shadowing color that I used in the creases, around the eyes, and around the mouth and nose.

Here she is with her old hood and hair.

And the completed witch.  My husband named her "Blair".  Her motor for the stirring cauldron kept shutting off after a few minutes, but started right back up again after about a 2 minute cool down.  She was pretty creepy and lots of people thought she was a real person.  Her arms are 14 gauge wire attached to the PVC shoulder frame.  I made some latex hands following the easy latex corpse hands instructions.  The disc holding the stick stirring was too small in diameter, so the stirring motion was kind of lost in the dark.  I had her face illuminated with a small LED spotlight that I made with 12 superbright white LEDs and a 9V battery.  The spot was hidden behind her hands and had a wire in it that allowed me to position it toward her face.  No one could see the light, but they could see her face lit up and it was an awesome and simple thing to do.  Thanks to Frank from for all the BEST ideas!!  I used a lot of his instructions in making Blair.

The bodies are simple PVC frames, with Duct tape doubles for the torso area and pool noodles over the PVC for the arms.  The hands were created using Merlin's method:
To dress them, I used some black trashbags as a base.  I just cut  holes in them and tied them around the bodies.  Then I used some scrap black fabric to fashion some sleeves and strips of the fabric to make belts and the skirts.  Some more black fabric to create a tunic like section over the torso.


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