Tabby is the 3rd sister of my coven.  I wanted to make her a little different than the other two, so I added a lot more "fluff" to her face and neck.  This time, I used wood glue mixed with some cornstarch and some cotton balls to build up her face to give her a more "plump" look.
THen I built up her brow, nose, cheeks, bottom lip, and chin for some distinct features.
I threw on a layer of paper towel mache and a couple of warts.  You can see how she is shaping up next to her sister Helga.
Here I have given Tabby some eyes, nice bags under those eyes, brows, a bigger bottom lip, some jowels and wrinkles.
This is Tabby's first coat of tinted latex.  I am still working on getting the right color for her.  I had to run to Wal Mart for some paints and lucky for me, all their acrylic craft paints are in clearance for 25 and 50 cents.
3 base coats of tinted latex later, and she looks like Yoda minus the big ears and plus a big nose.
And now she's done!  So far, I think she's the best looking witch out of the three.  Those bags under her eyes and her thicker face just makes her look better to me.  Now on to the hands and body!

The bodies are simple PVC frames, with Duct tape doubles for the torso area and pool noodles over the PVC for the arms.  The hands were created using Merlin's method:
To dress them, I used some black trashbags as a base.  I just cut  holes in them and tied them around the bodies.  Then I used some scrap black fabric to fashion some sleeves and strips of the fabric to make belts and the skirts.  Some more black fabric to create a tunic like section over the torso.



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