I decided on a witch theme for 2006.  This is the latest addition in progress, Helga.  She's Blair's sister.  I'll be making a small coven this year to stand huddled around the cauldron.  I used the toilet paper mache head that I made earlier in the year for the base for her head.  I used liquid latex and cotton balls to build up her brow, nose chin and bottom lip.  The process is fairly similar to how I made Blair.


Here is the first step after building up her nose and brow.  I gave her a nice big wart on her nose.

As with Blair, I used a wooden bead cut in half for her eyes.  I went with green for Helga as well, since they are sisters after all.  :)  I cut out the holes for the eyes and used some latex to glue them in.


I gave her a bit more chin, and a nice pouty frowning lip with a tooth made of a folded piece of paper towel sticking out.


Now I've gotten the wrinkles and eyelids and stuff on her.  She's ready for paint now.

Here she has one coat of green tinted latex.  Below, she is finished except for her hair and body.  I need to climb into the attic and find my box of wigs for her hair but that won't be for a couple of weeks.  I actually think she looked better before the green latex went on.  Oh well....

And I managed to screw her original paintjob up by trying to put another top coat of plain non-expired latex on her.  I stirred it this time before using it, and it ended up drying kind of milky colored.  So... I had to repaint her.  I actually think she looked better the first time now.  Live and learn I reckon.  The new paint job is below..


Ok, call me a Gemini, but I decided to repaint her AGAIN.  I didn't like the way her eyes made her look like the queen of Egypt, so I just repainted it all again.  I went with a darker version of Tabby's color.  The flash in the pic kinda lightens it up some, but she really does look a lot better.  I gave her some highlights and shadows that look better this go 'round as well.  Her tooth is not that white either, the GITD paint was still wet when I took the pic.  I promise I'm done with her until I get ready to add hair.  :)  Last paint job below:
The bodies are simple PVC frames, with Duct tape doubles for the torso area and pool noodles over the PVC for the arms.  The hands were created using Merlin's method:
To dress them, I used some black trashbags as a base.  I just cut  holes in them and tied them around the bodies.  Then I used some scrap black fabric to fashion some sleeves and strips of the fabric to make belts and the skirts.  Some more black fabric to create a tunic like section over the torso.



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