The curio that is there all year long.  I really miss the Monster Mud tree, and will probably make a new tree to go in the place of the curio.


This year I decided on some fabric to do the walls again, only this time LOTS of black fabric, draped curtain style.  Very dramatic look and simple to do.  I really wanted to have a complete dinner scene with the 2 Buckies here, with some fine china and food, but I ran out of time and didn't finish it.  So they just enjoyed a bottle of Vampire Wine.



Since I gave the bathroom a makeover this summer, I didn't want to cover the walls again with the plastic stuff.  So I went for more simple and back to an old design for the room.  The new light fixture held some spanish moss, which was a nice touch in there.


This year, I wanted to do a little more with the space above the cabinets, but didn't really know what to do.  So, I just added some green string lights around the top to highlight the webs and stuff, and some tree branches just to add some filler.  Looked pretty cool.


Pretty much the same, except for the new bottles and new labels on the old bottles on the witches' cabinet.  I ran a string of clear string lights behind the bottles to light everything up.

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