Now that we've introduced everyone, here's the rest of the pics!








More Pictures from Uncle D!



You can see my ultra-cool apron with the "Black Hat Cafe" on it, thanks to fellow halloween-L list member, Uncle Dean's cafepress store!



Some FOOD!

My homemade baked cheesecake.  I swirl some chocolate on the top then run a knife through if to get the funky look.  I put too much chocolate, it's supposed to look like a spider web.  Last year's looked better.

I use real pumpkins for serving bowls.  I carve them out and make a little notch in the top for the spoon to sit.  Then I wash and save them in the refrigerator, and carve them up for Jack O' Lanterns for Halloween.  Ham Head is always popular, the key is using Prosciutto ham for that facial muscle look.  This year I added a new dish that I've concocted this past month with peppers, mushrooms and smoked sausage.  It was a big hit.

Mini pumpkins make great condiment servers too.



I made another zombie head from, but as usual, I ran out of time and had to throw it together really fast and sloppy.  The first one I made 2 years ago was MUCH better.  This one just got more blood and gummy eyes.. lol  It was so humid that the hard candy hair I made melted onto the chocolate ganache.  I made "Misfortune cookies" again too.  Thanks to for that recipe, they're always a hit.


An awesomely disgusting recipe from, "Eyes and Ears".  The eyes are turkey meatballs with olives, and the Ears are homemade pasta.  We added some tongue shapes in for a little something different too.

Some more food pictures, thanks to Uncle Dan!



Jell-o Brain, hand, and heart using the recipe from  I use blue food coloring to paint on the veins and stuff.  Unfortunately, I found that my evaporated milk was "chunky" right when it was time to mix it all up, and I couldn't run to the store and get more right then, so the Jell-o body parts don't look like they should.  Kitty litter brownies, just some brownies made from a mix, frosting from a can, and some Grape-Nuts cereal that I mixed with powdered sugar, plus some nice little cat-poop Tootsie Rolls.

I made witches' fingers using a "snickerdoodle" recipe from, minus the cinnamon and sugar coating and adding some green food coloring and almonds for fingernails.


The aftermath


Looks like one of my witches has a little hangover.  Grim fell over the day after I repainted him and cracked.  :(   Ernster had a hard time staying upright for the party as well.


The tent above is the "under 12 years old" tent.  You can see the muddy grass.  It was soggy thanks to all the rain this month and there's a mud trail from there onto the pool deck and into the house.  Below is the "older kids" tent.  The rain didn't destroy it thanks to the 3 piece roof, but the wind took its toll.  At least this one wasn't muddy like the other. 



We set up the witch doctor's stand again, but Umuthi's body didn't get finished, so he's MIA.

Goliath got a new paint job.

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