Wow.... so much work for just a few hours of enjoyment... someone remind me why we do it all?  Oh yeah.... because we LOVE it!!!!  I am completely spent today after all the late nights and toiling away at prep work.  Thankfully, I had more help this year.  Andy and the kids jumped in and spent the day Saturday consulting the lists of things that needed to be done on the 'fridge and we were actually close to getting most of the stuff done by the time of the party.  Some things, of course, didn't get finished, but all in all, it was a good effort.  Brandon was a great help this year with building, repairing, and setting up props and stuff, and stayed up late to help in the kitchen since he loves to work with food.  My girls, Taylor and Emily, helped out too with lots of the work.  As usual, I was way behind on getting stuff set up, mainly because of the horrible weather we've had this month and I lost a few days of work time to other things, like taking some of my props to Brandon's school and showing and talking about them in art class, which was just awesome fun.  :)  Some of the kids' friends were over early before the party too, and they helped out with setting stuff up for me outside.

Anyway, the party was a success, and this time I actually got OUT of the kitchen by 9 PM and fully costumed by 9:05 thanks to my Uncle Dan's wife, Lisa and my cousin Danielle, who helped me so much in the kitchen.  I am so thankful to them for their help!!  Thanks to Judith for taking care of that last bit of sink duty so I could get the rest of my costume on too, that was so nice!  Thanks to Uncle Dan too for taking and sharing some pictures.  Half mine ended up blurry and we missed taking pictures of a lot of things.

And now, on to some pictures!

  This year, I was the Ghostess.  I didn't even start my costume until Thursday night, and even then I only cut holes in the arms and head of a sheet.  Ha!  Talk about last minute...

Lisa and Uncle Dan, swashbuckling!

(photo courtesy Uncle Dan)

My boo-tiful cousin Danielle

(photo courtesy Uncle Dan)

My cousin Travis, note the tire tracks... haha!

(photo courtesy Uncle Dan)

My daughter Taylor and friend Madelyn

(photo courtesy Uncle Dan)

My 'lil punkin, Emily

My sister Babs and her husband Tran

My BFF Shelly and Dave

Catherine and Darryl (Victoria and her secret...haha!)

Ashlyn and Daniel (Everyone LOVED her ears, especially me!)

Alyssa, who was adorable in this costume!

One of the best friends a girl can have, Elaine (with the pacifier and buttcheeks) and her neighbor, Dawn 

Gary, who is a GREAT author!  Check him out at

Ivy, who came up here from Tampa just for my party!  She stole one of Emily's costumes... hahaha!

Beth the "Happy Goth" and Grace, Jenna and her friend

Beth's sister Jenny, and Jenny's Andy and their kids

Dub and Niqa, and Lindsay the jellyfish 

Missy, who managed to hurt herself before the party and came anyway, even smiled through the pain for me!  What a trouper!

Mark the sad "missing his woman" Monster... he's starting with the feet and turning Monster from

My son Brandon, and his friends Laynie (hope I spelled it right) and Taylor


Some of our neighbors from the other end of the culdesac walked down for a bit, Jennifer and Lorraine...  Jennifer's costume was AWESOME!  Her sons didn't think so though, teenage boys embarrass easily!

Randy and Tina, and me with my half-done costume and makeup

Our good buddy Rick, who came as... well, Rick.

My nephews, Cam, Tyler, Gavin and Ethan  (I'll photoshop the tears out later, poor little guys didn't wanna go home...)

Teresa playing with her camera, Shelly, Dave and little Grace

Some of my son's friends: Rex, Johnny and Justin...

...and Won...

.....and Sage.....

....and Chris.

Taylor, Madelyn, Moira, and Travis

More of our neighbors who came down for a spell



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